Stats on Hunger

Hunger In America

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world, yet 50 million Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. (1) Here’s the reality of hunger in the USA:

  • Children suffer the most. One in five children (20%) suffers from hunger. (2)
  • Half of all children in America will suffer from food deficiency at some point during their childhood. (3)
  • Over the past year, food stamp usage has hit record high after record high, up to 47.8 million people (15% of America) in December 2012. (4)
  • People on food stamps are not moochers who desire to live off welfare: Over 80% of the families on food stamps have at least one working adult in the home, but work minimum- or low-wage jobs that do not provide enough income for a family to live on. (5) Twenty percent of homeless people work full- or part-time, but don’t make a liveable wage. (6)
  • SNAP, the food stamp program, provides less than $5 per day per person. (7) Could you eat well off of $5 a day?
  • Last Thanksgiving, local food bank usage dramatically increased. In Framingham, Mass., it jumped nearly 400 percent. (8)

The rebellion has begun. Will you join The Mockingjay?

1: The United State is number seven on Forbes’ Richest Countries list.

2: According to Share Our Strength’s website. The documentary A Place at the Table has the figure at one in four children.

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